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PM2 Opt. Comms


Meeting Chairman Prof. Gady Golan
 Chair organizing committee Dr. Rami Finkler
 Chair program committee Dr. Ariela Donval

יו"ר הכנס פרופ' גדי גולן
יו"ר וועדה מארגנת ד"ר רמי פינקלר
יו"ר וועדת התוכנית ד"ר אריאלה דונבל

Optical Communications

This session covers applied research and development in the areas: optical communications, optical sensors, all-optical signal processing and advanced optical materials.

Hall 1 - 14:20 PM2    
Chair Prof. Shmuel Sternklar Ariel University
Co-Chair Dr. Benjamin Adoram Elbit Systems
PM2-1 14:20 Multicore Photonic Crystal Fiber Based 1x16 Intensity Splitters/Couplers
      D. Malka, Z. Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University
PM2-2 14:40 High Resolution Distributed Fiber-optic Sensors of Strain and Temperature for Aerospace and Civil Engineering Applications
      Y. Antman, D. Elooz, A. Zadok, Bar-Ilan University
PM2-3 15:00 Self Coherent Detection and Reflective Modulation Transmission for Bi-directional Access Networks (FTTH) and Short-reach Communication Links
      A. Agmon, M. Nazarathy, Technion
PM2-4 15:20 Enabling Technologies and Challenges in Coherent Optical Transport Networks
      D. Dahan, ECI Telecom
PM2-5 15:40 New Technologies in Fusion Splicing of Specialty Optical Fibers paper
      N. Gilboa, Fast Lasers

Shmuel Sternklar co-Founded Kailight Photonics in September 2000 and serves as its Chief Scientist. Prof. Sternklar has over 20 years of experience in management, research, and consulting in optics. Most recently, Prof. Sternklar was Senior Researcher and Project Manager at Soreq NRC. A respected academic, Prof. Sternklar developed the Electro-Optics curriculum at the Academic College of Judea and Samaria, Ariel, where he currently serves as a Professor. He also has over seventy publications and eight related patents to his name. Prof. Sternklar is a member of OSA and IEEE and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Dr. Benny Adoram (Grossman) has obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (HUJI) in 2002, His M.Sc. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1992 and his Bachelor degree in Electro-Optics from the Jerusalem Collage of Technology (JCT) in 1985. Dr. Adoram has extensive experience with Infrared detectors, micro-electronic device fabrication, fiber-optics and Electro–Optics systems. Dr. Adoram has lead demonstrator #3 of “Optipac” consortium.

Presently he is a senior electro – optic product engineer in Elbit Systems EW and Sigint - Elisra.


Exhibit coordinator: Mr. Nissim Kashak Secretariat: Mrs. Orit Shoshani


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