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AM3 Innovations


Meeting Chairman Prof. Gady Golan
 Chair organizing committee Dr. Rami Finkler
 Chair program committee Dr. Ariela Donval

יו"ר הכנס פרופ' גדי גולן
יו"ר וועדה מארגנת ד"ר רמי פינקלר
יו"ר וועדת התוכנית ד"ר אריאלה דונבל

Innovative Technology

The session presents novel technologies that were developed recently and that are intended to be put to use by optical engineers. Novel technology-based startups are introduced as well.

Hall 2 - 11:10 AM3    
Chair Dr. Abraham Gross Ministry of the Economy Co-Chair Joe van Zwaren Jerusalem Business Networking Forum
AM3-1 11:10 Optical Materials and Components for High Power Applications *invited paper
      F. Elsmann, R. Jedamzik, A. Nesci, SCHOTT, Germany
AM3-2 11:30 Standoff Detection of Explosives Using Whole-cell Bacterial Sensors
      O. Bar-On, O. Eyal, Y. Kabessa, S. Yagur-Kroll, S. Belkin, A. J. Agranat, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
AM3-3 11:50 MEMS Scanning Mirror Applications and Synchronization Mode
      S. Hornstein, Maradin Ltd.
AM3-4 12:10 Infrared Detector Arrays at SCD
      I. Shtrichman, SCD
AM3-5 12:30 The UMS: A New Tool for Multi-angle UV-Vis/NIR Reflectance, Transmittance and Absorption Measurements
      J. WŁlfken1, L. David2, C. Bricker2, T. Burt2, R. J. Francis2
1 Agilent Technologies, Germany; 2 Agilent Technologies, Australia
AM3-6 12:50 Live Interactive Holography - from Science Fiction to Science Fact * invited paper
      S. Gelman, RealView Imaging Ltd.

Dr. Abraham Gross joined the OCS in October 2012 as the deputy for technology in the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy, Israel. Prior to that Dr. Gross has been Corporate Executive VP and CTO of Orbotech; Orbotech is a publicly traded, internationally leading supplier of equipment to the electronic industry. From 1998 to 2000, he served as the chief engineer of Microvision, Inc., a Seattle-based developer of high resolution, scanned beam display. Between 1985 and 1998, Dr. Gross held various managerial and research and development positions in Orbotech.
Dr. Gross has authored numerous scientific publications in the field of electro-optics and optical engineering, as well as 25 granted patents. He received both his bachelorís and masterís degrees in physics from the Technion Haifa, Israel, and holds a PhD in physics and atmospheric sciences from Drexel University, Philadelphia USA.

Joe is the founder of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum and served as the marketing manager of Leviathan Energy. Mr. van Zwaren received his M.S. in Physics from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in the field of high energy physics.
As Director for Exact Sciences at the Ministry of Science and Technology, he was responsible for a revolution in Israel scientific funding by promoting synergetic multi-group research, for both the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Magnet). In the nineties, he ran a successful Optronics and Microelectronics research program with an over 40% success rate technology transfer to industry. Nearly fifty optical communication companies resulted. In 2001 the Israel IEEE awarded him for this pioneering work.

He is responsible for a number of multi-million dollar national research programs that lead to the creation of nearly fifty companies that raised over $1 billion. In 2001, the IEEE awarded him for his pioneering work in bringing Internet to Israel between 1984 and 1996, by brokering an agreement with the US National Science Foundation. Mr.Van Zwaren worked with the New England Israel Chamber of Commerce to introduce VC funding to Israel in the early nineties. Joe is also a board member of a number of professional organizations and the chief organizer of the Jerusalem Business Network Forum (JBNF), which he has personally built to over 250 members.


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