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AM1 Lasers


Meeting Chairman Prof. Gady Golan
 Chair organizing committee Dr. Rami Finkler
 Chair program committee Dr. Ariela Donval

יו"ר הכנס פרופ' גדי גולן
יו"ר וועדה מארגנת ד"ר רמי פינקלר
יו"ר וועדת התוכנית ד"ר אריאלה דונבל


 Auditorium - 11:10


Chair Itamar Shoshan ORLASE, Israel Co-Chair Prof. Shelly Glaser Holon Institute of Technology, Israel  
AM1-1 11:10 Efficient Raman Lasing in Gas-filled Photonic Bandgap Fibers *Invited paper
      Prof. A. Ishaaya, Ben-Gurion University
AM1-2 11:30 Multi-Megawatt Peak Power High Energy Fiber Laser
      M. Ben-David, V. Krupkin, ARIEL Photonics Assembly Ltd.
AM1-3 11:50 Fiber Lasers for Advanced Marking and Micromachining Applications
      E. Inbar, V-Gen Ltd.
AM1-4 12:10 Laser Transfer Printing for Printed Electronics Applications *invited paper
      Dr. Z. Kotler, Orbotech
AM1-5 12:30 'Load to Fracture' - A New Approach to Determine the Fracture Parameters of Nd:YAG Lasing Elements
      R. Feldman, S. Shimony, S. Jackel, I. Moshe, A. Meir, Soreq Research Center

Itamar Shoshan is presently consulting at ORLASE for technology and engineering of Lasers and Electro-optical Systems. Formerly he worked for more than 30 years at Elop Electro-optical Industries (that eventually merged into Elbit‑Systems). After leading during many years the development of new laser technologies and the engineering of laser products, in his last positions at Elop he was the Chief Scientist and the head of the Physics Group.

He holds M.Sc. degree in Physics, and B.Sc. degrees in Physics and in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, all from the Technion, and he studied Business Management at Tel Aviv University.

Itamar Shoshan authored many scientific papers and invented many patents, and is active in the professional organizations in the fields of Lasers and Electro-optics.


Prof. I. (Shelly) Glaser received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovoth, Israel. He held positions in the Image Processing Institute of the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) and the Optical Sciences Center of the University of Arizona. Later he became an Associate Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Tel Aviv University, as well as at the University of Southern California. I. Glaser served as a member of the program committee of several international scientific meetings, and chaired two such meetings. During 1992 - 1993, I. Glaser became the Chief Scientist of Holo-Or Ltd., a small company specializing in diffractive optics. Prof. Glaser consulted (and still consults) many leading high-technology firms in Israel and abroad. He founded a start-up company specializing in high-speed optical data storage. Prof. Glaser is now a faculty member at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in Israel, where he serves as the Head of the Graduate Studies Program.


Exhibit coordinator: Mr. Nissim Kashak Secretariat: Mrs. Orit Shoshani


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