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Interactive Panel


Meeting Chairman Prof. Gady Golan
 Chair organizing committee Dr. Rami Finkler
 Chair program committee Dr. Ariela Donval


יו"ר הכנס פרופ' גדי גולן
יו"ר וועדה מארגנת ד"ר רמי פינקלר
יו"ר וועדת התוכנית ד"ר אריאלה דונבל

Interactive Panel
iber To The Home
Auditorium - 09:30

Moderator Prof. Gady Golan ORT Hermelin Academic College of Engineering and Technology  
The Ministry of Communication granted a license for the deployment of FTTH infrastructure throughout Israel to IBC that is held by the Israel Electric Corporation and by a group led by ViaEuropa.
The license and the associated business structure are subject to a debate in the media around concerns regarding both potential business monopoly aspects and the cost effectiveness of the technology in comparison with copper and wireless.

The interactive panel brings together technology experts, regulators, and business leaders:

Mr. Amos Lasker Chairman of The Israeli Smart Energy Association (ISEA), Sun Team Group, former: President & CEO of IECo; CEO of Gilat Satcom; founder & CEO of the Med Group
Mr. Haim Geron Senior Deputy Director-General - Ministry of Communications
Prof. Yosef Pinhasi Dean of Engineering, Ariel University
Mr. Yosi Seri Broadband Access, Product Line Manager (PLM), ECI Telecom, Israel (download presentation)
Mr. Danny Lauber CEO IBC Israel Broadband Company
Dr. Yossi Kofman Chairman of the Advisory Board - SIKLU
Mr. Zvi Caspi Sparkle Telecom Italia & Med Nautilus
Prof. Gady Golan Amso Lasker Haim Geron Prof.
Yossy Pinhasi
Yosy Seri Danny Lauber Dr.
Yossi Kofman
Zvi Caspi


Exhibit coordinator: Mr. Nissim Kashak Secretariat: Mrs. Orit Shoshani


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