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Electricity 2015


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Electricity 2015 International Convention & Trade Show

The Annual Convention of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel
December 2-5, 2015 Eilat, Israel

  Dear Colleagues,

SEEEI invites you to attend and take an active part in Eilat International Convention for Electricity and Energy ELECTRICITY 2015.

This year convention focuses, among the traditional topics, on the Penetration of the Smart Grid, the Natural Gas Revolution and the Electricity Market Reform Plan.

Convention participants include: energy investors, financiers, project managers, engineers, scientists, regulators, power producers, professional organisations, majors international equipment manufacturers and their distributors. Major projects, trends, and technological novelties are presented.

We're witnessing nowadays a far reaching transformations at three major electrical and energy fields that will shape the state future - the Introduction of the Smart Grid and its technological and regulatory integration in the electricity market,
- the expanding usage of Natural Gas by the electricity and industrial sectors and its dramatic influences,
- the inauguration of the Electricity Market Reform towards the transformation to a modern, dynamic and competitive market.

ELECTRICITY 2015 is the venue for meeting local and global economy leaders during plenary sessions, parallel presentation, F2F meetings, and the trade show, where novel technology applications were shown. The convention is complemented by social and cultural events in the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of Eilat.

Gain, thank you for registering to the convention and for contributing to its success.

      Rafi Cohen
Convention Chairman
Emil Koifman
SEEEI Chairman


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