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Program Overview
Festive Events
Plenary Events
Parallel Sessions
Round Tables
Student's Day

The Convention offered a platforms for presenting, discussing and debating a wealth of scientific and practical topics.

Festive Events

The 10th anniversary of SEEEI and the 50th anniversary of SEEEI-Israel were celebrated in the conventions opening ceremony chaired by Eng. Yuval Margulis, after which IEEE-Israel lifetime achievement awards were presented to Dr. Uzia Galil and Dr. Michael Rodeh in the presence of dignitaries.

The traditional Honorary Membership and Scholarship awarding ceremony was honored by the presence of MK Dr. Uzi Landau, Minister of Energy and Water Resources.

Plenary Sessions

A series of plenary sessions were held on hot topics including: Electric Sustainability, Power System Challenges, Engineering Education - where to ?, Smart Grid and Electrical Energy Storage, and Smart Mini-Grids.


Two workshops, each headed by a world-class expert on the topic, were held in parallel on: Power Systems and Battery Storage, and Innovative Lighting Design.

Important topics were discussed in an open discussion fashion. The topics where:
Coping with Large Power Disturbances in Israel and Around the World: Causes and Challenges, ELF Magnetic Field Exposure Levels in Israel (TAM5), Smart Grids: Development and Implementation, Engineering Education - where to ?, The Future of Renewable & Nuclear Energy in Israel, Regulation & Economy in the Power Market, Information & Communication for Intelligent Networks, Regulation & Standardization for Smart Grids, How to Manage the Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Generation into Power Systems
Parallel Presentation Sessions

Three parallel presentation sessions where held on Thursday morning (TAM), Thursday afternoon (TPM) and Friday morning (FAM). Each session covers four or five topics, and each topic is covered by five presentations of approx. 25 minutes each.

Round Table Discussions
Russian-Israeli Cooperation in Electric Power Field, Joint Projects Initiatives - in Russian
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Engineer Registration and Licensing - in Hebrew
Student's Day
Two scores of EE-Power Engineering students were brought to the Convention by SEEEI for a full day of events.
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